Carved Bowls and Cups

Paul D. Goodman ceramic bowls and cups, November 2017
Paul is getting ready for his ceramic sale at the annual Peninsula School Craft Fair: 11 am to 4 pm, on 3 December 2017, at 920 Peninsula Way, Menlo Park, California.  He just brought a big set of bowls and cups from the SJSU Art kiln.  Most are carved, then painted with complex abstract designs in underglaze, then covered in clear glaze and fired at Cone 10 (high fire).  All are durable, food safe, dishwasher and microwave and oven safe.

Paul D. Goodman 4 red ceramic bowls, November 2017Items # NotForSale:1711-Bowls1 and 1711Bowls2Paul D. Goodman 2 white, grey, red ceramic bowls, November 2017Items # 1711-Bowls10Paul D. Goodman 3 carved and painted ceramic bowls, November 2017Not For Sale: Items # 1711-Bowls3Paul D. Goodman 4 white ceramic bowls, November 2017SOLD: Items # 1711-Bowls4Paul D. Goodman 2 carved and painted ceramic bowls and one cup, November 2017Items # SOLD:1711-Bowl5, and Not For Sale:1711-Bowl6Paul D. Goodman 3 carved and painted ceramic bowls, November 2017Items # 1711-Bowl7, and 1711Bowl8, and SOLD:1711-Bowl9Paul D. Goodman 6 blue and red ceramic cups, November 20174 of 6 SOLD: Items # 1711-Cups

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