Elemental Altar Reception SJSU

The reception was last night for the new exhibit: The Elemental Altar, a SJSU Senior BFA exhibit at the Herbert Sanders Gallery by Paul D. Goodman, in the Industrial Studies Building, 2nd floor, at East San Fernando and 8th, on the San Jose State University campus. Paul spent six months and over five hundred hours making this work.

Many friends and family arrived to celebrate and check out the installation. Thanks to Laura Biche and JR Biche for managing the catering. For the exhibit, the offerings on the altar are:

  1. Wind – A cockatiel feather – copper dish
  2. Fire – Ash tree ash with a flint from Giza, Egypt – copper dish
  3. Earth – San Jose dirt with an ash tree seed – copper dish
  4. Water – A basalt stone from Sierra Leone in water from Crater Lake – copper dish
  5.  Water from Crater Lake – ceramic dish in the center

The materials of the altar and dishes represent the elements: wood for earth, ceramic (stone) for water, bronze for fire, and steel (sword) for wind. Paul will be at the Sanders Gallery during the installation: 29 October – 1 November 2018. Read the Artist’s Statement about The Elemental Altar to learn more.

Added 28 Nov 2018 – Altar Offering Detail Pictures:

Fire - Ash tree ash with a flint Wind - A cockatiel feather
Water - A basalt stone Earth - San Jose dirt with an ash tree seed
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