39 New Ceramic Bowls, Cups

For sale by Paul D. Goodman at Peninsula School Craft Fair, on
2 December 2018 – 11 am to 4 pm, 920 Peninsula Way, Menlo Park:
SOLD: 1812-Plate
1812-Cup1, 1812-Cup2, 1812-Cup3, 1812-Cup4, 1812-Cup5
SOLD:1812-Bowl1, SOLD:1812-Bowl2, 1812-Bowl3
SOLD:1812-Cup6, SOLD:1812-Cup7, SOLD:1812-Cup8, SOLD:1812-Cup9
1812-Bowl5, 1812-Bowl6, SOLD:1812-Bowl7
1812-Cup10, SOLD:1812-Cup11, SOLD:1812-Cup12
SOLD:1812-Cup13, SOLD:1812-Cup14, 1812-Cup15, 1812-Cup16
SOLD:1812-Bowl7, 1812-Bowl8, SOLD:1812-Bowl9
SOLD:1812-Cup17, SOLD:1812-Cup18
1812-Bowl10, 1812-Cup19, SOLD:1812-Cup20, SOLD:1812-Cup21
1812-Bowl11, SOLD:1812-Cup22, 1811-Vase1, SOLD:1811-Vase2
SOLD:1811-Cup23, SOLD:1811-Cup24

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